20th June 2021

Hello Lazy Sunday Family….

It is with a heavy heart and huge disappointment that I must announce that the Lazy Sunday Festival sadly has to be postponed for a second year until 2022.

The festival is a substantial commitment for a small business such as ours, and with the losses of last year, continued spiralling of expenses to conform with current covid legislations, coupled with the current uncertainty and further delays to the easing of remaining lockdown restrictions, we are left with no other option than to postpone the festival now to let all of our ticket holders know and mitigate any further financial losses.

We have already completed much of our logistics, planning, layout and numerous safety protocol scenarios and have worked tirelessly on the event plan. During the past few months we have had numerous obstacles put in our way, initially we had to withdraw camping due to covid measures requested by the council safety team, whilst since then we have battled to overcome the initial safety team requests, the past few weeks has seen more restrictions put in our way that make the event impossible to run as what everyone has come to expect of the Lazy Sunday Festival.

Our latest Covid compliant hurdles of reducing the capacity even further, increasing security numbers & medical personnel have become a step too far.

The event would have been achievable with all the hard work to date from our H&S team, event management and the venue, but the new covid restrictions from the council safety team, possibly more restrictions yet to be requested and the uncertainty of what and when the relaxation of rules will be have left us with no option than to reschedule to 2022.

Ticket Holder Options:

We will be working with the ticket agents over the coming days and will be sending every ticket holder an email on the 1st of July 2021 setting out all the options.

In the current uncertain times I would personally like to wish you all the best. It has been extremely hard for all of us no matter what industry you work in. Personally I hope to see many of you at events between now & the rescheduled date.

Keep strong.

Much love,