Variety is the spice of life....

So each yea we try to bring new food vendors to the table....

This year will be no exception, as we are already vetting potential

food vendors for 2020..

We have already secured 4 of last years vendors, and have another 4 pitches

to confirm. It would'nt be Lazy Sunday without the UK's best chicken, so, we

just had to make sure Chicken George is back once again! Last year saw the

introduction of new vendors, and we are proud to welcome back KB Toasties

and their Moggie Van, Sukanya Thaifood and their wonderful veggie & vegan options

as well as once again welcoming Mr. Whippy and his ice cream van!

As soon as we have futher details of the new vendors and

the foods they have to offer we will post the updates here!